A word of thanks

"Sir - Following on from your letters last week in relation to the Clare 250 Mile Cycle, I would just like to give my experience of the Clare 250 Cancer Centre as a cancer patient/survivor.
One day you are going along about your business feeling fine and the next you are told you have cancer. I through chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. I had to give up work for the year.
This can lead to extra stress, as you have to pay for injections and don’t have the income coming in. I was nominated by one of the wonderful Clare 250 mile cyclists to go to Lourdes. This offer came towards the end of my treatment, so I said yes, I would love to go.
John Dunne called to the house and gave me all the details. He suggested that my husband should go as well, as he also needed the break. This was the first time we had been approached by any cancer organisation with an offer of help.
Due to the lack of my income and other financial strains there is no way we would have been able to afford to go on a holiday. John Dunne and Claire organised the whole trip. All we had to do was turn up at Shannon.
The group were made up of cancer patients, their partners/friends and a wonderful selfless group of helpers from the Clare 250 Mile Centre. It was a wonderful trip and everybody that went really enjoyed the experience. Remember for some, this might be the last holiday they go on, unfortunately.
I will always be grateful to the wonderful group of cyclists that made this trip possible for me. Their dedication to the cycle, giving up their time and collecting money made it possible for all of us to go to Lourdes.
I would love other cancer patients to have the same experience that I had and would urge all those who are thinking of doing the cycle to do so, as you cannot believe the good that you are doing.
The Clare 250 Centre in Ruan is a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity for cancer patients. There are plenty of other places offering other supports but none of them have the uniqueness that is in Ruan.
I think what John and his team have tried to create is a place where you can escape for a while to be on your own, away from the noise and stresses of everyday life and a place where you can come to terms with what has happened to you and find strength.
Thanks again 250 Mile Cancer Centre and the cyclists for all you do."
A cancer patient/survivor